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Sharon will work with your organization by designing half day, full day or multi-day on site or off site consultations/workshops and retreats employing methodologies from the Art of Hosting.


Through insightful, and experienced guidance, she will support your team in reaching optimum functioning and achieve its stated goals.

I have participated in consultations and workshops facilitated by Dr. Higginbothan. I can say without hesitation she is what this world needs – an ethicist and leader, technician, teacher, and therapist who in her expertise, keenly identifies emotional, relational, mental, and spiritual vulnerabilities that effect lives and work. She is passionate about eradicating social injustices plaguing our communities, and the world. Dr. Higginbothan’s work is to transform the lives of her clients, students, and others (especially women). This expertise is fully evident in her body of her work on behalf of humanity. Dr. Higginbothan’s work is remarkable.

Maxine Angie Garrett, Founder, CEO, Tabitha’s Daughters LLC  North Carolina 

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