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Our Work

Co-Creating Cultures of CARE Where People Can Thrive 

Higginbothan and Associates is a consulting, facilitation training organization that specializes in working with millennials in leadership roles. We work with executives and administrators, leadership teams, and middle management staff in a variety of career stages, functions and industries.

Our purpose is to facilitate systemic change by cultivating aptitudes and abilities through tools and frameworks that lead to transformation. Through hosting conversations, facilitation, one on one’s, group leadership coaching, and training sessions, we are in service to what matters the most, PEOPLE. We focus on Co-Creating inclusive, robust, and equitable work cultures that facilitate open environments where people flourish.

Given the contemporary crises of our time, there is a sense of urgency in many organizations related to reimagining their work. Many, whether they are educational institutions, businesses, corporations, non-profit or for profit-profit organizations, are rethinking their vision, mission and values. This reimagining is predicated on the question; “What is required from the organization in this current day and time?” Answering this question requires a reimagining; from a 20th century vision to a 21st century visualization of how the work of the institution will readily transfer as they look at their impact on today’s marketplace. We were created to rectify, eradicate and heal oppressive systems. 


In our work together, we will take CARE to engage our differences in ways that our dissimilarities become authentic strengths. We discover together what it means to be “other,” by exploring the intersectionality of team members, navigate biases, and explore how to integrate Respect for Differences as a framework for systematic change, we unearth what is possible!

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Sharon Higginbothan PhD.

Founder and Principle 

Sharon Higginbothan, PhD, is passionate about people and building collective (shared) capacity for impactful change that will inspire environments where colleagues work, live, and thrive in order to repair our world. She is a proven leader in non-profit leadership and community engagement. Sharon has served as an Executive Director, Director and Chief Operations Officer and has spent over 20 years managing teams, people, and organizations whose missions were informed by social justice. 


Sharon has served in the academy as an adjunct professor, a visiting scholar, and as a consultant in Theology, to assist with and ensure the inclusion of diverse authors and scholars in the curriculum.


She is a co-founder of the largest Medical Respites in the region. Sharon is impassioned about service to vulnerable populations and organizations that serve them. She is committed both to working with and developing leaders who will co-create inclusive, robust, and equitable work cultures with open environments where people flourish. Sharon has facilitated countless consultations/workshops; lectures and keynote speaking engagements


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