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Exclusive Services

Dr. Higginbothan will conduct a free 1-hour Discovery call with you or the representative from your organization to determine your needs and what type of service is needed to reach your goals. 

Sharon will explore in depth your needs and purpose; then design an implementation schedule for your project. This will include practices and structures for change and innovation.


  • 3- 90-minute 1-1’s Virtual Calls over 3-months ($2,500)

  • 3- 90-minute Group Virtual Calls over 3-months ($3,500)

  • 1-day in person session (4 hours) plus 1- 60 minute call ($3,000 + expenses)

  • 2-Day in person session (8 hours) plus 3-60 minute calls over 6 months ($6,000 + expenses)


  • 3-90-minute calls (one call per month over a consecutive 3 month period) you will focus on your journey.

  • You will work with Sharon to explore both family and work systems and their impact on your current journey and work life.  ($2,500)


Facilitation and Consulting Packages are custom build based on the organizational goals and the anticipated time needs to accomplish the goals. 

Contact Sharon for a consultation for pricing on Organizational Facilitation and Team Coaching. 

Let's Work Together

Ready to get started? Contact Us today so that we may initiate the conversation of how we may help your journey! 

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